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 【Shenzhen HanJin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.】, committed to the polyurethane foam equipment, PU micro-perfusion machine, PU pouring machine, PU dispenser R & D and manufacturing, is the first computer numerical control technology used in the PU unit of the equipment one.

    The company has CNC machining center, sheet metal welding processing center, the size of lathes, laser, and other complete processing and production equipment and testing equipment, and has a spirit of excellence and dedication of the staff, all the machines have been strict quality control, strict implementation of the national "Three Guarantees" policy, products are exported to foreign countries, is a trusted brand.

    PU equipment is widely used in automotive, shoe materials, sports equipment, furniture, toys, handicrafts, refrigeration and other fields, uphold the "people-oriented, based in China; look at the world, sustainable management" business principles, Han Jin and friends from all walks of life future.......more

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